Yes, it was Perfect

Unbelievably perfect day in Morro Bay.   The sky was blue, the surf was high, the Peregrine Falcons were flying around defending their nest, and we left just as more traffic was coming in.   

This guy was there without his camera, just enjoying the day.   And I was thrilled to see him after not being able to capture the one closer to home.

I took 250 photos and was "messing around" with my settings while shooting in RAW for the first time.   I must go back more often.   It's only 20 miles door-to-door.   It makes me feel so alive to walk around with my camera on such a perfect day.


Have never tried shooting in RAW. What is the advantage?
Sounds like the perfect day. The photo is awesome, very crisp and clear.
Twenty miles to perfection! Love this shot! Why don't you come enter it in my Weekly Top Shot meme? We're on Week #11 and I'd love to see you share with me! Here's this weeks' link:
Karen said…
I can almost smell the salt air... love your header!
250 pictures? How did we ever manage with film? :-)) I'm glad you enjoyed your day!!
Mark said…
Sounds like a great place. I totally understand shooting 250 pics, I went to bow of the boat yesterday to shoot a sunset , was there for maybe 5 minutes, after I saw I took 78 pics. Crazy, this digital age. Love the photo by the way, so clean and clear...he almost looks cold.
Wonderful capture, Denise. :)

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