I haven't felt much like writing light-hearted posts this week.   I have been thinking a lot about a topic that breaks my heart, horses going to slaughter.   Fortunately there are some organizations that work tirelessly to find adopters to bail out some of the horses and donkeys.   One of the organizations is called AC4H.   

There is an auction in New Holland, PA, where every week brokers buy up horses for a few bucks.   They in turn sell them to the meat guys.   Before the broker resells the horses, he allows AC4H to come in, document and video the horses, and post them on their website and Facebook page.   They are given a certain amount of time (days) to bail them out or they are gone.   So the ladies work long hours to find foster homes, adopters, contributors, etc.   Last week they saved a total of 51 horses.   But every Tuesday, there are more.

It's not a topic some people want to hear about because it definitely is NOT humane euthanasia.   So it's been on my mind and makes me sad.   The people who are working so hard are doing a phenomenal job, but of course not all find new homes.  

I had too many horses when my husband passed away 6 years ago, but I was able to find homes for all that I sold.   I did not send any to auction.   I would put them down in a humane way before I would subject them to horrific conditions.   

And that's all I have on my mind besides being thankful that my animals are safe and healthy and happy. 


That is sad... thankful some are saved...
Tracy said…
any topic with animals and abuse is heart breaking to me...I can't even fathom how people can be so insensitive and unfeeling! For the longest time, I could not even go to a zoo because I think THAT is inhumane...my heart breaks!
Lynne said…
Very sad for you, for the horses and your husbands death.
Distractions . . . so many for you . . .
It is sad and so complicated. I hope you muddle through this difficult time and get back to writing when you feel like it.

You have to wonder if the people turning over their horses into the hands of this horrible way of death even try to find homes for their horses, or if they are just people that have fallen into unemployment and disparity and are at their wits end to make ends meet in life. These are tough times for so many people and in the end the innocent suffer... innocent people and innocent animals.
Ashling said…
It's your blog...you don't have to be light-hearted if you aren't FEELING that way. It's such a sadness...the horses and your loss. May you find something in teh day to give you a smile amidst the sadness.
Mark said…
That's awful. Something we don't think about very often, but maybe we should.
I see postings like this on facebook all the time for dogs and have heard of this with horses too. It's times like this, that I find myself giving prayers of thanks for those in the proverbial trenches that work to make a difference for such beautiful and remarkable animals.
Daryl Edelstein said…
I first learned about this when I read Jane Smiley's Horse Heaven ..
Ellen said…
I've allowed myself to be blind to this fact and now that my eyes are open it's very heartbreaking. I guess I just didn't realize - although I should have because I am always worrying about dogs and inhumane treatment. I'll pray about this because I don't know what else to do, and I do know that prayer works.

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