A Fresh Face

I found a blog this week that is so bright and cheery, I just love going there every day.   Besides the fact that she shares her fun drawings, she also has some Photoshop tips,  iPad apps, Weight Watchers recipes, and so much more.   I have yet to dig back into her archives, but I am looking forward to doing that.   I always admire people who can draw because I can't.   I just thought you might enjoy her too.   The blog is called http://www.myheartartbygeri.com/

 Have a nice Saturday.   I hope you enjoy a little sunshine on your face like this pretty girl.   Well, that's not her face, but you get the idea:-)


TexWisGirl said…
that's a 'sunny side up'. :)
Geri Centonze said…
How sweet of you to give me a mention! If you like my art, there's a giveaway over at this blog
Ellen said…
I really don't know much about chickens except that they lay eggs, but she is so pretty and fluffy! What a beautiful girl.
Tracy said…
well, love the blog you rec'd and well, also love your photo...made me smile :)
How nice of you to share a great blog! I'll definitely visit.

Pretty girly hen. :)
Gone Country said…
I did, in fact, enjoy some sun on my face today! I sat in the backyard in shorts and a tank top and enjoyed the birds, squirrels, chickens and ducks while getting some sun, taking some photos, crocheting and reading and sipping some sweet iced tea. I didn't look as good as your chicken though, lol!

I'm on my way to check out the blog... thanks!

Have a great weekend!
A Quiet Corner said…
Butt. Denise, I love the sense of humor! Nice to meet you...:)JP
On a cold wet night, your girl has given me a grin!! I'll also go and visit the new blog--I'm always looking for fun places to visit!!

Enjoy your weekend!!
This little hen has every right to be struttin' her stuff!!
Daryl Edelstein said…
I guess this answers that age old question: which end of the chicken does the photographer get last?
Kelly57 said…
A little sun on the butt can do as much as a little sun on the face some days. Hee hee. Sun sun, I'll take it!
Breathtaking said…
What a novel photo,those fluffy feathers look great!!

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