Restful Sunday

Yesterday was my restful day.   I needed some mental and physical down time and yesterday was the day I chose.   I fell asleep Saturday night at 8:00 which I never do.   I woke up Sunday morning too early, as I thought I would, had some coffee with Erik, then went back to bed for another hour.   After we took care of the critters, we decided to go to a small cafe in town for breakfast.   I almost never order pancakes, but yesterday I did.   They were large so I took some off the plate before the syrup, brought them home and gave them out as treats for the chickens, donkeys and dogs.   Everyone except our little Harry enjoyed the delicious sweet taste.   We were all in carb overload:-)

We spent a little time outside making decisions about moving vs. trashing a wood pile, locations for more fruit trees next year, and general ideas for our property.   I noticed little buds on our fruit trees which were planted last year.   Yay!!   Our rose bushes have new leaves and our new lilac bush has buds too.   We have some daffodils which were planted long ago before I lived here.   They are up and blooming, but they are so small and never really show themselves very well.   Maybe I should dig them up this year and plant them somewhere else.   Or just get some new ones.

Of course the chickens followed us around, as they do, because they had the pancakes on their little minds. Or crackers or Cheerios or anything else I might throw down.   They are like a chicken army running at me every time I step outside.   Do you think they're spoiled?   Probably.

And when the treats are gone, they walk off to find one of their favorite resting spots.

The rest of the day was just resting, watching some TV, eating a salad to balance out the pancakes, feeding the animals again, watching The Amazing Race and The Mentalist, and going to sleep again.   And now it's Monday.   Time to get some things accomplished after my restful Sunday.

Leaving you with ANOTHER photo of my Calla Lilies.   Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these flowers?   


Nancy said…
It's always good to have a day to catch up and do what one wants...and I am so glad you were able to do that...I love looking at your pictures of the chickens..It sounds like they had a feast of the sugar kind and were very happy....
Gone Country said…
My chickens got some left over pancakes yesterday morning too! Today they're getting some steamed rice. Yep, I believed our animals are spoiled and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Glad you had a day of rest. I'm thinking some reading and a nap is in order for me this afternoon. I'm pooped from my weekend!
A Quiet Corner said…
You spoil your chickens like I spoil my dogs! Good girl!...:)JP
CountryDew said…
Everybody needs some down time!
A little down time is good for you! I had some of that myself on Sunday. Yeah, I'd say your chickens were a bit spoiled...pancakes, cheerios? Who wouldn't be? ;)
Word Weaver Art said…
Everything about the lily photograph is stunning.

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