Got No Time

I am busy taking care of one mare with colic and another acting like she's on the verge of colic.   So I have little energy or time for blogging.   Here's Harry trying to get a little more friendly with one of the mares while we're out walking around.   I'll be back soon!


Nancy said…
Harry is so cute...I do hope the horses get better.....You have your hands full right now....
Take care of YOU too and don't get run down. Wishing you much success and getting rid of her colic!
Daryl Edelstein said…
We will be here when things calm down .. hope the horses are better soon
Ellen said…
Sending healthy blessings to our horses. Little Harry is adorable.
Oh, my. Bless your heart. You really have your hands full.
Every time we have a serious weather change, Cadence will colic like clockwork! Sometimes mild. Sometimes not! But, I just watch for it, knowing that it is coming.
Keep us posted! Sending good thoughts your way :)
xo, misha
A Quiet Corner said…
Please take care of yourself so you don't get run down!!! Harry is a hunk, by the way...:)JP
Gone Country said…
Harry's so cute! I like how he gave the horse a "who me? I didn't do that" look and walked away! Ha! Too funny!

Good luck with the horses. I hope they're OK.
Tina said…
Hope the horses get better. Harry is a cutie. I just adore donkeys.
Babies with colic is bad enough but dealing with horsey colic? I'm sure you have your hands full.
Poor Harry...he's so cute and that ol' mare gave him the look that reads "don't even think about it!" ;)
Hope your horses are better by now.

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