I Need Blue

I haven't spent any considerable time with my camera in at least 2 weeks.   I am going to take care of that today.   I need to see the color blue.  Any shade of blue.   I get busy with this or that, running here or there, taking care of stuff, being stuck in my thoughts, blah blah blah.   Today I go in search of the color blue.....and green and red and yellow and even brown!

See you back here tomorrow!


Blue always puts a smile on my face! Can't wait to see what blue you give us tomorrow! Have fun while out and about and drive careful!
TexWisGirl said…
love a good fence photo...
Nancy said…
These are wonderful so I can't wait to see what you come up with....Have fun..
We'lltake any color you find..have fun!
A Quiet Corner said…
Great warm pictures!...:)JP
Reena Walkling said…
I could use some blue skies here!
Blue is good--We've had so much gray that I'd love the change!

I hope you've had an enjoyable day!!

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