Just Gunny

I don't have anything to post today except photos of Gunny:-)    And that's enough for me.


TexWisGirl said…
love that 2nd shot! what a beauty!
Give Gunny the computer... it looks like he has a LOT to say today. He does know how to type, right??
A Quiet Corner said…
Talk about a hunk!...:)JP
Geri Centonze said…
The first one made me smile =)
Nancy Claeys said…
Good enough for me too! Hope you are well, Denise. :)
Ellen said…
What a great big smile! Great pics.
Well, hello Gunny!! It's nice to see you today :)
We have a donkey named Eeyore (by my daughter). He's supposed to be the protector of our cattle to keep coyotes and stray dogs away but he gets kinda lax at times. :)
Country Girl said…
Me too. Hiya, Gunny ~

C U T E N E S S overload!!

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