The Rain is Gone

What a wild weekend of weather!   This was possibly the biggest storm of the season...well, we haven't had very many so it's easy to take the title.   We had lots of rain around the county and I would guess we had 1.5 to 2 inches here at our place.   Plus the wind!   Why do we always get 45mph wind gusts?   What is it about that number?   

The mares, Fancy and Goldie, have been here for a week while their other mama, my friend, is at a horse show.   These girls were among my first Morgans and I love them dearly.   Goldie had 4 foals while she was here and Fancy had one.   Fancy was also my riding horse.   When my friend's dear older horse needed a companion, Goldie went to live with her.   And now that my other horses are either sold or living at a trainer's, Fancy and Goldie live together.   My friend has a nice barn and so they live with her.   We share them:-)   

It has been a lot of fun having them here.   I used to have about a dozen horses here at any given time, mostly mares and babies.   It has seemed very empty without them, although Harry and Gunny do their part to fill up the space.   Those two weren't so sure about having to share with the big equines.   They have adjusted just in time for the girls to leave tomorrow.   

Here's what it looked like out back this week, before the rains.

The wildflowers will be out very soon, decorating our lush green hills.   Stay tuned for that!


TexWisGirl said…
glad you get to spend time with your former morgans. :)
Tiny donks.... So cute!
Madge Bloom said…
Very sweet story... love the donkeys too!
Nancy Claeys said…
It's amazing how much we get used to the company of our sweet animals. Love your photo -- and happy spring to you, Denise. :)
Nancy said…
Our animals are so precious to us....thanks for these words....

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