All Things Lavender

I have known this place was nearby, only about 5 miles from our place.   And yet, I have never been there.   *slaps myself on the forehead*

I hope Erik feels like doing a little more planting because I really think we should have some lavender, especially since it is known to be deer resistant.   That means it's not their favorite plant, although they will eat most things on any given day.   Lavender just tends to be relatively safe from their munching.

Look at this lovely farm!

Atascadero Photos
This photo of Atascadero is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Nancy said…
I love love love lavender.....beautiful......
OMG Denise...this is a magnificent field of lavender.. Do the people sell the plants. Mine is still blooming. I love it very much. great photo
thanks for sharing this
happy Thursday
Breathtaking! I had a lovely lavender bush growing in the corner of my flowerbed. It was huge but it succumbed to the extreme heat we had last summer :( Bummer. I may have to plant another one and learn how to harvest it as well.
A Quiet Corner said…
OMG! I would LOVE that!!!!!...:)JP
missy max said…
Truly lovely...Beautiful lavender..Bees love it..

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