Large and In Charge

All is well here but I've just had nothing to say, no desire to rush to my blog each day.   I take time to read your blogs, even if I don't always comment.   I'll be posting again soon when I have something....anything.   Have a great Friday and nice weekend:-)

Toby is large and he is definitely in charge.


TexWisGirl said…
that's a great shot!
It's always nice to know that someone is in charge... I get tired of being in charge all the time... *smirks*
Lynne said…
We each "take pause" . . . . And it is okay . . . I am waiting for some west coast flower beauties when they happen . . ., for you!
Nancy said…
Awesome photo, Denise. Have a great and relaxing weekend. :)
Gone Country said…
Ya gotta love those rooster boys and their take charge attitude, lol!

Have a great weekend!
I like that Denise,
Its nice to give time between blogs.. we can ponder and think about them..
Wishing you a wonderful weekend there in beautiful sunny California.
Country Girl said…
Good one! And sometimes . . . I gots nothing too. Actually, most times.
A Quiet Corner said…
Oh, yes...I can definitely see large & in charge!...:)JP

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