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I took some photos of Beau and his trainer at the horse show last week.    I try to take good shots at the shows but sometimes they aren't well set up for owner photography.   The professionals get a nice vantage point.   We sat on one side of the arena with an awning in front and posts holding it up.   It works well for the lineup but my action shots, which I strive to improve, are not what I had hoped.   If you want to really challenge yourself, go to a horse show and take lots of photos.   I attended a jumping show once just for that purpose.   It's fun.   Well, if you like that sort of thing:-)   Have a very good Friday and weekend!


TexWisGirl said…
what a gorgeous boy!
I don't do action shots well either... of anything! They are hard and I have never mastered the proper setting on my camera... Beau look great!
Karen said…
I don't think there is much that is more regal than an Arabian horse head.
Lynne said…
Beau is a looker . . .HANDSOME ONE!
Snooks said…
Absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful head on that guy. Perfection.

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