Donkey Victory

This past week, a few well known donkey lovin' bloggers have rallied an army to stop the donkey roping competition scheduled for this weekend in Van Horn, Texas.   And yesterday, the Chamber of Commerce stepped up and did the right thing by cancelling the event.   There are several blogging pages that are celebrating today.   Everyone should be celebrating because 40 sweet donkeys will now be safe from abuse.   We are hoping arrangements will be made by the promoter to release his donkeys to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.   Hooray!!!

This link is to 7MSN Ranch.   It provides more background if you're interested.   I've been following her blog for more than two years and it also provides daily amusement along with great photos.

Again, I say Hooray!!!

This is how donkeys should look on any given day.   


A Quiet Corner said…
Glad this "event" was stopped!!!...:)JP
Amazing what strength voices can have... or shall I say e-mails can have. So glad the event was stopped.
missy max said…
Amen!! Good news
Beverly said…
I agree!!! Donkeys are the most peaceful creatures and deserve a life of just that....peace!!
Hilary said…
Such sweet creatures. I'm happy to hear this news.
Nancy's Notes said…
Great news! Those are just too cute!
New follower here!
Denise said…
Always lovely to hear something like this. I'm new to your blog and saw your name on another. Had to come over and say hello to another Denise.
yeah I read about this from Patrice and I am so glad it got stopped. Your donkeys are so cute we have neighbors that have them and I love when they are up by the fence close to the road I want pictures of them such sweet faces. new friend /follower this allows me to also keep up to date on the petitions to help stop this donkey roping stupidness, cruelness!
missing moments said…
They are so sweet! And so glad this was stopped. I'm also a follower of 7msnranch ... Love her blog!
I love it when people get involved and make a difference!! I've done it before too, and it really is a good feeling!!

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