Monday, June 4, 2012

Hard Hat Zone

I have been stalling, procrastinating, whatever you want to call it.   If you have read my blog in the past, you know that we have done many small, medium and large remodel projects to this home/property.   Because this place was mine before Erik and I met, lots of the projects were mine alone to manage.   Since Erik and I have been together, we make decisions jointly.   However, with his business commitments and schedule, the project management is still mine alone.   And I don't mind the management part, only the rearrangement and mess part of the jobs.   After the addition to the living room/dining room and later the laundry room/half bath remodel, I have been dreading and yet looking forward to getting a few more things finished.   

But the mess.   And the home being in disarray.   And the smell.   And the dust.    Yes, procrastination has been the name of my game for the past few months.   But now it's time.   *big sigh*

We have a hallway and 2 bedrooms with the old horrible popcorn ceilings.   Not only are they ugly, they are so dirty and nearly impossible to clean.   It's way past time they are removed, to be replaced by lovely smooth and subtlely textured ceilings.   And here we go!   If you've ever tried to remove these type of ceilings, it is incredibly easy to do.   You just get them wet and scrape.   HOWEVER!!!!   The resulting mess is beyond anything I can manage.   And so we have a drywall crew coming next Monday to remove the old and replace it with new.   

And then, of course, we decided over the weekend that we should install a new sliding door in the bedroom to replace one of the remaining old doors/windows in this house.   We have replaced almost all doors and windows with the exception of two.   Erik calls it "sealing the envelope" to keep the energy costs down.   I agree with that, but of course it also looks better with new doors and windows.   The door installation has to happen before the drywall crew comes in, just in case they need to do some repairs around the new door.   I haven't yet found anyone to do the installation, but I'm working on it.   And of course I also have to select and purchase the door.   

After all that is finished, I have to bring in a painter to do the ceilings and put a new color on the walls.   In the meantime, during construction, our bedrooms will be somewhat off limits.   That is the worst part.   Where will all the furniture go while they're working?   Where will we sleep?   Where will I put my computer?   What about my stuff in the master bathroom that I need?   This is the coordination that Erik always thinks is going to be easy, while I ponder and dread because I know it's not.   He's going to be away for 3 days this week and 3 days next week while I am here living in the midst of another construction zone.   

Procrastination, my friends.   You can't hang onto it forever.   If you wonder where I am, I will likely be in a corner of the living room wearing this:


TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the chuckle...and GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

missy max said...

Big job for sure..But what a nice feeling when it's all done..

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Don't blame you one bit for having someone come in and do the work. We only contracted out two jobs when we re-did the house in Maryland. Having the countertops installed and the scraping of the popcorn ceilings. What a mess that made!!

Lynne said...

Another option to scraping the popcorn ceilings is to cover it with white batten board. We have them and thinking about doing that little project. (I haven't suggested that to my Project Manager Builder Type hubby however!)

I will be thinking of you in your hard hat focus for a few weeks!

Snooks said...

Oh my. No wonder why you have been waiting so long. But you are right. No better way to tackle it then to just jump in. Good luck with sanity.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Lynne said...

Hubby just suggested putting new wall board right on top of the popcorn. Mud, sand, paint . . . good to go.

The Lettered Cottage has a tutorial for popcorn ceiling, tongue and groove. $11 for 6-8' planks. I will send this to you if you would like.

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

I remember when one of my friends tackled her popcorn ceiling...arched at that!! She had scaffolding in the living room for what seemed like months!! Glad it was her and not me :)
Hang on. It will all be over before you know it.

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