Lightroom and Sunday Best

I am sure you all have your favorite photo editing software.   I am still so happy with Lightroom and how relatively easy it was for me to learn.   And mostly, it's very quick due to the presets.   I could sit and tweak a photo for hours if I were looking for every single tone and hue and whatever to be perfect.   But I am able to improve my photos' appearance, get rid of most (I hope) spots that show up due to the fact that I need to clean my filter, crop, and generally make it look better for posting online.   Here is a before and after that I am sharing with Sunday Best.   I am not sure it's my best for this week, but I just finished working on it and I like the shot.

Have a great Sunday.


And After:


Lynne said…
Wow . . . huge difference. I know nothing about this kind of stuff . . . I totally appreciate someone like you and the others who create with their photos.

Love your header . . .
I like them both, but the hues pop in the second photo for sure. It really expresses a country day. Nice job.
TexWisGirl said…
very nice. like your header scene, too!
Linda R said…
Your editing looks great.. Such a wonderful shot..
Loving the tractor! Good job on the editing!
CameraCruise said…
Great job on the editing and a great shot.
What a difference!! I am still learning how to edit photos, and am getting ideas from people like you who do it so well!
Good afternoon Denise,
Your photo is fantastic. If I didnt know that you were in California.. and the tree was an olive or cork.. I would have said it looks just like Alentejo.. you live in an agricultural area as i do.
I myself hope to indulge in a better camera for myself.
Great image of the fields and hay bails..
happy sunday
Mary Ann said…
Gosh! I tried a Beta of Lightroom it seems eons ago.. I wish I had stuck with it. Your second picture looks great!
Deborah said…
great shot and Lightroom tweak!
I edit in PSE, but Lightroom peaks my interest!
Madge Bloom said…
Nice editing... I use Photoshop Elements 10 and Photoshop CS5 for mine and shoot in RAW. Peaceful pastoral scene!
missy max said…
Looks the tractor..Have you ever tried Picmonkey?? So easy..
This is excellent. I use Lightroom a little too. I like how your edits enhance, but don't go over the top. It's very easy to over-edit (a problem I have), so nicely done!
Comfypjs said…
Awesome editing!
Nancy Claeys said…
Love both -- but it is fun to play, isn't it? :)

Thank you for sharing at YSB this week, Denise!xoxo
Daryl Edelstein said…
that's how I feel about Topaz Labs Details and Adjust .. two of my favorite easy plug-in preset fixer-uppers
Candy C. said…
What a difference before and after! Your edit really brightened up the colors! :)
I'm glad you like Lightroom! :)

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