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I had a dermatologist appointment in San Luis Obispo (SLO) Wednesday morning.   After my sister posted that Izzy might have ringworm, I developed something similar on my face.   I had ringworm a couple years ago when I brought Beau home from out-of-state.   He brought it with him and I was scrubbing his skin bumps every day, so that's how I figure it got on my skin.  I self-diagnosed and used Lotrimin to clear it up.   About three weeks ago, another similar round patch showed up on my jawline.   Red, round, looking similar to the one I had before.   So I again used the Lotrimin.   It seemed to be working until it became very red and then itchy.   Hmmmm.....I switched to Hydrocortisone cream.   It continued to be itchy so I made the appointment.   It turns out to be some strange spore-based rash which is nothing to be concerned about.   It comes from thorns, most commonly a rose bush.   But I haven't been handling the rose bushes, so who knows?  More prescription strength cream samples from the doctor and a second cream to help the inflammation.   AND my annual skin check!!   You should be getting one too, don't you think???

Anyway....since I was already down that direction, I kept driving south and stopped by a restaurant in Pismo Beach for a seafood salad.   It was okay but I've had better.   Good shrimp, not enough crab, not good enough tomatoes.   Beets that were cut into toothpick sized pieces.   I really like beets but you can't even taste them when they are so small, to say nothing of the fact that it's not easy to get them into your mouth.   If you're going to have a seafood restaurant sitting at the coast with a "to die for" view, please offer the very best seafood salad you can and not some second rate version that disappoints your patrons.   Well, me anyway, and that's all I care about:-)

Still heading a little farther south, I ended up in the Arroyo Grande/Nipomo area and stopped at this place:


Soooo many cute things.   I could have easily taken out the credit card and spent several hundred dollars, right then and there, in a matter of 15 minutes.   But I did not.   There were many ceramic roosters that I would have loved to have, but I don't have enough space for more than one anyway.   They have a gift shop, a garden center, a critter corral (skipped that since I have my own), and I guess an area where you can pick your own berries.   

A few of my favorites in the garden center:

Flying pigs to hang in the tree.   

The sweetest donkey with baskets that would look so cute here at Autumn Sky placed somewhere in a little sitting area.   Of course, I don't know how I would keep the chickens from sitting on it.   But really, that's minor compared to how cute this is.

It was a very nice way to spend the day out and about on the Central Coast.   I really must do it again, without the doctor appointment and marginal seafood salad.   Oh yes, and more photos taken with my Nikon instead of my phone.

Enjoy Thursday, wherever you are.


Nancy Claeys said…
Yep, I coulda bought them all. Kudos to you for having some willpower! Glad you don't have ringworm! :)
Lynne said…
Flying pig adorable . . . my credit card might have done some flying . . .

I hope the rash heals and happy it wasn't ring worm!

I like your sunny header . . .
missy max said…
Love the flying pig..good advice about the skin check..I've had several skin cancers due to my teenage years spent by the pool..
Madge Bloom said…
Love that flying pig... :-)
CountryDew said…
The donkey is cute. I don't think I've ever had a skin check. Might be something to consider.
Oh.. you NEED that donkey in your yard with some cute flowers planted in each of his side baskets. It suits you and your property.

Ya, Izzy tested negative for ringworm and they are still testing to see what she has, but we noticed that some of her hair is growing back into the bald spots... and Rowdy has developed one very small spot now on his left shoulder... ai ai ai...
Lin said…
Yikes, that rash sounds icky! Blech! I hope it goes away quickly.

LOVE the pig. :)
Daryl Edelstein said…
Glad its only a spore irritation ... the cats had ringworm summer before last and for 12 weeks I was dipping and dabbing .. and aside from poor Rose, who had a really really bad case, I was the only other one who had a single spot appear .. bless Lotrimin or Lamasil cant remember which one I used .. I am itching thnking about it!

Love the donkey and the flying pig .. I too dislike second rate seafood .. feh
Mark said…
I'm here!
Seriously, I'm sorry that it took me so long. Can you forgive me? Please????

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