Take a Minute

Running errands is always about planning, getting into the store, executing the plan, loading stuff into the truck, and leaving for the next destination.   Yesterday, after I left Target, I noticed the pretty flowers in the parking lot dividers.   I had my camera with me and so I decided to take a minute.   Or five.   I could have easily spent thirty.   

Just take a minute.


missy max said…
We should all "take a minute"..Pretty
Perfect color! I am into yellow this summer. It's such a fresh color!
CameraCruise said…
Great shot of the beautiful flower.
Wish you a wonderful weekend.
Daryl Edelstein said…
so pretty .. love the header .. here chick chick chick
beautiful!! what a nice find in a parking lot!!

i'm usually not so lucky...as i don't have my camera when i see the perfect shot!
rainfield61 said…
Our a-minute is always as long as five minutes, or longer.
Mark said…
Beautiful. I love that you had your camera with you on your errands.

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