I'm still here.   We had a heat wave this week with high temperatures at 108.   It's interesting how there is such a difference between 100 and 105+ in terms of how we all handle the heat.   But it's cooling down today and should be more normal summer temperatures for the next week.   Whew.   And so we have been chillin' and not doing much else.   

I hope you all had a nice week with a little more going on than I have had here.   Happy Friday!


Looks like a contented chicken. Hope they are fairing well in all the heat... poor chickies.
I have my hydrangeas blooming right now so your photo makes me smile :)) yes this Calif. heat wave was something glad we are on the cool down and the Delta breezes are kicking in :} have a cool weekend.
Nancy Claeys said…
The heat is returning here after a couple days' respite. Enjoy your cooler temps while you can! xo
missy said…
I can't wait until this summer is over..I don't enjoy this heat one bit...Have a super weekend..
CountryDew said…
This has been a horrid summer for heat. Being quiet is about all you can do sometimes.

Hope it cools off soon.
It sure is hot. I'm doing all ways just to be cool and refreshed. Poor chickens. Hope they'll survive the friggin' heat.

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