Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Come Ride With Me

I was looking at a video of a horse and they had this music playing.   I like this song and don't mind it being stuck in my head.   But having had an Email conversation recently with a certain follower named Mark of http://www.oursimplelives.com/ fame, I wanted to play it for you and see how serious he was with his comments about Country Music.   I don't know if this qualifies for the type that will cause him to leave my blog, but I'm just going to test him a little.

Get this one stuck in your head today, Mark.   I know you will come to enjoy it:-)))


Mark said...

Ha! I'm here!
Listen, I've never heard that song before but I can tell you that I like it. And I like it because it sounds like Classic Country to me.
I find that contemporary country singers try to hard. Plus, I feel like you need to be born poor and struggle to play real country music.
So no, today will not be the day when I pack up and leave you blog.
But don't push it!
Thanks Denise!
Your Friend, m.

Anonymous said...

Settle down, Mark. And, Denise... look out because Mark means what he says!! ;-)

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