Just One Month

Looking back through my photos, I can see clearly what a difference a month makes in our landscape.    There are some back roads I've taken a few times to get over to the place where I have taken some riding lessons with a lady who teaches competitive trail.   It's a course that's set up where you have to do patterns over poles on the ground, ride across bridges, turn inside poles set up in box shapes, things like that.   It's fun.

But the point of this post is to show our gorgeous vistas when you get off the freeway and wind through the rural countryside.   I've told you before, our area is so much about rolling hills, oak trees, and vineyards.   And in this case, a wonderful red barn.   I have edited these photos a little, but not much.   There are days when our sky is so blue, it almost doesn't look real.

Enjoy your Monday.   Our temperatures are heating up, I hope yours are cooling down.


Daryl Edelstein said…
so pretty and we're due more heat again this coming weekend .. this week its lower humidity but temps are still in the 80s
Gone Country said…
Such lovely views!
Mark said…
You have some beautiful Country there!
I am liking the red barns!
Lin said…
I like how far the neighbors are. Sigh. Wish mine lived that far away. ;)
Nancy Claeys said…
That's beautiful, Denise.
CountryDew said…
There is a quiet beauty in the desert
Sounds soft and gentle, sighing
in the twilight
There is a quiet beauty.

Very nice!
Such a spectacular landscape. Fresh air, sound of nature clearly heard and a amazing plantation in sight. Wish I live near this place.

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