Sunday, July 8, 2012

No Inspiration

None.   Nada.   Zip.

July doesn't have inspiration for me, at least so far.   I am sure I'll find some, maybe even today, but it's been elusive for sure.

So I am going through my photo files to see if I can find something, anything, to share with you.   You're going to have to wait for another day.   

What have I been doing?   Well, I've been having some fun in different ways, but haven't taken one single photo.   The 4th of July was a good day.   We went to our friends' house for an evening barbecue and it was delicious.   Good company, good food, gorgeous cool weather.   

Yesterday morning, my girlfriend called early to say she had been surprised by baby chicks in her chicken coop.   Squeeeee!!!    I rushed right over to see them and left my camera home.   They are inside running around, hiding under their two mamas, and it's not too easy to take photos anyway.   But there are 12 of them, an even dozen.   And they are adorable.

Cooper is still at the trainer's and doing very well.   We have decided to look for a new home and person for him.   As much as I love him, he is a very forward moving horse, big stride which is typical of his breed, and not really what I'm looking for in a trail horse.   He would be happier with someone who wants to give him more of a job and more training.   Horses are happy when they are doing what they enjoy, what they are suited for, as long as they are treated well and fed.   

Beau is still for sale and still at the trainer in Gilroy.   We really need to find him a new person soon.   

And so, I still have no horse to ride on a consistent basis.   I've looked at a few, ridden a couple, and can't find a good one that suits me.   But I will persevere!

Our heat has finally come to the Central Coast, just yesterday, but is here to stay for the rest of the July. Temperatures of 95-100+ are definitely not going to inspire me.   But something will.   And when it does, I will share it with you.   Maybe I should go dip my toes in the water.


missy max said...

I hope you were able to dip your toes..The water is probably warm as well..We hit 105 in the shade yesterday..Relief is expected later today..Never thought I'd be happy to see 80's ..Hard to find "just the right horse"...Too many factors involved..Keep looking, maybe one of these days...I hope..

Anonymous said...

We topped out at 102 yesterday, today will be about the same and then Monday starts cooler temps. CAN'T WAIT. I've been feeling a bit cabin feverish this past week or two and really want and need to get out. Good luck with your horse search and horse selling. Would have loved to see a video of the chicks. Love their peeping noise. Now, go dip dem der toes!

TexWisGirl said...

i completely understand how heat takes the inspiration right out of you. good luck with finding a home for cooper.

Lin said...

Like Diane, I have cabin fever--too many weeks inside with the blessed temperatures outside being so stifling. We finally turned the air off last night and I'm looking for my inspiration again.

I hope you find that right horse soon!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The heat zapped me too, so take comfort in knowing you're not alone as far as inspiration goes and in that great looking beach and cute chicks!! :-)

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