I'm Outta Here!

I am leaving for a few days, heading south to Santa Barbara.   I won't be posting to my blog because I will have my iPad rather than a laptop.   But I will be sure to check in on "youse guys" and see what you're doing.   Did I spell that correctly?   Youse?   I hope so.

I have an extra memory card for my camera because Santa Barbara is beeeeeautiful and I hope to take some nice photos.   See you soon.   Outta here.


TexWisGirl said…
enjoy! love that 'chicken dance'. :)
Mary said…
That chicken's got some dancing to do.. cute.
Madge Bloom said…
Love that shot... have a good time!
CountryDew said…
Have a good time! Take pretty pictures!
This photo now has caused the chicken dance song to play inside my head. LOL

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