Beauty Abounds

I have no idea how many sunset photos I have in my files.   I have considered making one folder for all sunsets but I am just not that organized.   Maybe someday in the midst of Winter, rain pouring and the wind howling, I will make an effort.   But not today.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Magnificent sunset Denise.
Only the other day, looking at my photos. I thought , that i must put them all in order.
I am not too conversant with what i have to do.. but I do need to catogarize them.. it will be easier.
Happy Sunday
All days should end this way..... with a view like this that just makes you let out a sigh and feel grateful for the day. Gorgeous!

A Quiet Corner said…
What a coincidence, Denise! That's my plan for the winter too!...:)JP
I also have that plan--Too bad we don't all live a little bit closer, we could make a day of it!

Beautiful picture!!
Lynne said…
Pretty lovely skies!
Green Monkey said…
I especially love golden red skies. the organizational planning parts that unfold in cold weather is what saves me. damn, I hate winter
In My Wild Eden said…
Beautiful photo. Thank you for your comment on my post. It is my favorite season too!
Daryl said…
because i am in the midst of organizing i will give you a tip you can take or ignore .. my feelings will not be hurt .. do you use an iMac/Macbook? if so, do you use iPhoto? if so, you can organize your photos into albums .. there's an option for a Smart Album where you chose a key word like Sunset .. then go add the word Sunset as a tag for all your sunset photos and they'll all automatically be filed in the album!
missing moments said…
I love this time of day .... awesome shot!
CountryDew said…
You can never have too many golden sunsets.
Becca said…
Hi Denise, I saw you were my latest follower, so I came over to say hi! Your photography is lovely! Don't you just love a beautiful sky? The sunset photo is stunning, and I especially love how the telephone poles look against it.

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