Shout It Out

It's Friday.   If you hold a weekday job, you can shout about having two days off.   If you live here and are heading into another (!!) ridiculously hot weekend heat wave, you can shout about the fact that the coast is a short drive away:-)


Lynne said…
If you are living near Grand Rapids Michigan you can "shout out" . . . ART PRIZE!

We are taking off for Art Prize in just a few . . . to celebrate my husbands 62 birthday. He is the artist in the family and this is phenomenal art. Check out Art Prize on Google and see some of the exceptional entries . . .

I hope you get relief from the heat wave soon . . .
Wishing you a peaceful happy weekend Denise.
My days of working are long gone.
But i like to work around the garden and my dogs keep me busy.
Karen said…
Have a great weekend! Oh, your coast is magnificent. We might head into Vermont for a day.

That bird is totally shouting about the week-end AND the fact that he's already at the coast.

Lucky bird... Lucky you!

Nancy Claeys said…
Great shot - that water looks so inviting. :)

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