Autumn Chickens

At last, we had some rain here and we were able to welcome Autumn to the Central Coast.   And everyone celebrated.   Well, except for the donkeys because they prefer dry dirt and don't like to get wet.   The chickens were especially happy, finding lots of goodies to scratch up in the newly wet dirt.   

My Hannah Banana.   She is always next to me when I'm outside because she knows I am the one who can turn over large items that may be hiding delicious pincher bugs.

Clarabelle is an independent girl so she is often a little farther away than the rest.

The backside of one of my blonde girls.   I think this one is Honey because her sister, Taffy, is still a little ragged from a minor molt.

One of my senior girls.   These three have been going through a major molt and it's been hard on their bodies.   But new feathers are coming in and they should be feeling a bit more perky very soon.

I am going to buy more pumpkins today.   The girls have already eaten one and we will have to cut this one open for them very soon.    You can see the Wellsummer (brown hen) is also recovering from a major molt.   Poor scraggly girls.

Many of you are celebrating the glorious colors of the foliage.   I don't have much of that in this area so I love looking at photos of yours and I thank you all for sharing.    Happy Sunday!


Lynne said…
We get a bit of the fall colors in your chicks and the pumpkin! Happy for your rain . . .
Pumpkins are foliage right? right????

I enjoyed reading about 'your girls' and hope you all enjoy your Sunday!
Madge Bloom said…
Love the rain... and your girls are reaping the bounty!
Cloudia said…
I like your sweet friends.

Have a lovely week-
Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >
Daryl said…
such pretty girls .. i love their names .. and that they, like me, like pumpkin!
Karen said…
My chickens are molting too... ugh, it looks awful, doesn't it?

I didn't know they like pumpkin, I'll give them one. You just split it and put out there?

CountryDew said…
Really good, crisp shots. I always enjoy your photos.
Lin said…
Okay, you are gonna have to explain the whole "molt" thing to me. I have no idea why they do this or why it is so hard on them.
Carolynn Anctil said…
There's just something about a soft chicken butt that I love. Is that weird...?

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