Love Doves?

We always have one dove pair living here, somewhere in the nearby trees.   I have never seen a flock of doves, so last evening I was pretty surprised to see all of these.   Because of the post-rain colors in the sky, they were lit up like little golden Christmas tree ornaments.   I wasn't sure what they were because of the golden color, so I was surprised when I figured it out.   I guess they were just basking in the beauty of the day, just as I was.   I did not have a filter on my lens for these shots.   The little bit of rain we had washed every bit of dirt from the air and left us with gorgeous blues and golds.


Oh how pretty your sky was. Looks like the birds were feeling pretty wonderful too all lined up there on the wires.

CountryDew said…
A group of doves is called a piteousness. Really! Or a Dole of Doves, which I actually like better because of the sound.

Great shots. Beautiful country.

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