I usually try to go with each day and not let frustration or annoyance creep in.   Once in a great while, however, I have one of those days.   Monday was one of those days and I had a hard time shaking it off.   But I tried.   This little video of my horse, Cooper, helps calm my mind.  I am sure we all need a breather once in a while.   My animals are a great source of peace for me.   One of my favorite sounds is that of a horse eating.   It's hard to explain if you're not a horse person.    If you are, you know what I mean.   It is peaceful.   It is relaxing.   Standing with my horse quiets my mind. 

  My home is a great source of peace for me.   Without question, my sweetheart is a great source of peace for me.   So many things make my life full and I know I've been fortunate.   I still think about the people whose lives have been devastated.   I'm sure they all had days just like I have had.   And I am sure they would give almost anything to have those days back.   And their homes and their sense of peace.   

My hope for those people is they once again - and very soon - find a comfortable place to relax.   


TexWisGirl said…
i get it. on cold winter evenings, i like to hang out in the barn with the horses and listen/watch/smell them eating their hay. it is therapy at its finest.
Daryl said…
there are definitely ways i chose to sooth my racing mind ... if i had a horse i am sure it would be standing next to him/her .. they are such calm animals ... i may pop back here when things get wonky and watch it again
I hug our pups and rub my nose in Rowdy's soft coat of hair and it makes everything okay.

Hope not too many horses and other animals were displaced by the hurricane. How sad for them and their people.

Lin said…
I think I would like that sound a lot better if it was my lawn that he was mowing. :)

Hugs, pally. Hope things are better today. Things are wonky here too, if that is any consolation. Let's just hope that things get back on track soon!
I think I've admitted to you before that I'm afraid of horses, but have been around them enough to hear them eating and I think you're right--There's something about it's rhythmic sound that is quite comforting! I hope you're feeling better, and enjoy your Wednesday!
Mark said…
Beautifully said, and amen to that.

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