Friday, November 9, 2012

Ok, Now?

Is this finally a break in the weather?   I think so, judging from the ACCUWeather information looking out to the rest of November.   It was 90 degrees on Tuesday and will be about 58 today.   Seriously, I am going to break out the sweatshirts and not put them away for a while.   I love sweatshirts, I really do.   But they have to be nice sweatshirts, thick with softness that lasts.

I am taking today for some bill paying, other paperwork, maybe some laundry, grocery shopping, and of course horse stuff.   After reading my sister's post, I might actually polish my nails.   We shall see.   I had appointments to take care of this week so with those behind me, I feel I have a free day.

Yes, the election was a huge event this week.   I am so glad it's over, but then I can be glad because my candidate won.   Lots of people are very very angry.   I hope the hate talk dies down soon, but I wonder...

On to other things.   Two of my horses are having some issues that we're working on.   Cooper blew a hoof abcess out his heel and is very very sore.   So he's been laid up and we ended up putting hind shoes on him.   I prefer keeping horses barefoot as much as possible, but when there are issues, I make the decision I think is best.   He's worn front shoes but now we've had to add hinds.   He has moved from a large paddock to a wonderful stall next to Henry.   They are living the life, I tell you!   Henry is having some issues with stumbling which we've been working on for about a month.   Sore heels, deep thrush, new shoeing, also hind shoes, and now we're looking at other things.   It's frustrating to find the horse I think is THE ONE for me, only to have some physical issues that are standing in the way of total enjoyment.   *sigh*    Thinking positive thoughts, it's all we can do until we know.

I had an appointment with my optometrist yesterday.   I try to go once a year but I missed almost a year, so it was time.   My eyes haven't changed...well, just a tiny little bit in one eye....but I wanted new glasses anyway since it's been 2 years with these.   And I haven't updated my prescription sunglasses in about 4 years or more, so I dug deep into my pockets and bought a new pair.   Both new frames should be here in about a week.   Since my current lenses are still good, I will now have two pairs of glasses, and new sunglasses.   I will be so stylin'.

So let's see, reaching the end of the year means I've done annual exam, pap smear, mammogram, bone density scan, skin check, and now eye exam.   It's almost time to start over again, isn't it?   LOL!   

We had a little bit of drizzle this morning.   Erik came in and told me there was a rainbow out back so I tried to get a few photos before it disappeared.   Not so great, but you get the idea.   I hope you have a very nice Friday and great weekend too.   Sending more and more good thoughts to the people on the East Coast, still waiting for relief.


Kelly57 said...
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Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Can't wait to see your new glasses. Not overly happy with mine since they pinch my nose and make it sore. Need to get them adjusted and see if that helps.

Hope your horsie mends soon so the two of you can ride like the wind.

cristy fermin said...

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cristy fermin said...

Nicely done photos. I love how you took them. It can be use as wallpaper. Thanks a lot for posting.

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Lin said...

Happy Weekend!

The rainbow was sweet to see for it is growing gloomy here know, the sun is lower in the sky, clouds are more prevalent. :( I'm not ready for winter just yet.

Mark said...

With all your must be a finely tuned machine right now. I think the not so great rainbow is pretty great.

Snooks said...

Great pictures.
Time has that way with it that seems to just fly away. Before we know it a year has passed and time to do those yearly's all over again. New glass'! I love getting new glass'.

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