Every Other Day

Yes, that's the forecast for the rest of December.   Rain every other day.   Starting yesterday.   And it's cold!   Yes it is!   It only got up to about 50 degrees today.   I was bundled up in layers and nearly froze when I went outside to take sunset photos.   One of my pairs of fingerless gloves had a big hole in it, so it went into the garbage.   I need a new pair.   A good pair.   Anyone know where I can get some?

Stay warm and dry, my friends.   And give to your donation centers as I know people need warm coats and other clothing this time of year.   Give give give!!!


Give indeed. It's the best thing we can do for our fellow human beings. There are homeless centers that need hats, gloves and scarves this time of the year and if we all just buy a hat or two and drop them off at a local shelter they are appreciated more than you or I can know.

Weather for San Joaquin Valley is the same, rain every other day for rest of the month, that and fog, fog, and more fog. But hey the grass is growing hurray.
TexWisGirl said…
sure is pretty, though!
Daryl said…
cold fingers are no fun ... i bought a nice thick warm pair of fingerless gloves with a 'hood' that can be pulled over the exposed fingers when i am not using the camera .. i got them at my weekend flea market ... if i see them again i can get you a pair, they were $10!
Mark said…
A nice reminder. GIVE. I like it.
sophie...^5 said…
Stay dry and warm yourself....rainy weather can be so achingly annoying...at least you have it only every other day...take care! Love your header!
Snooks said…
Lovely sunset pictures. You can send your cold weather over here anytime. It would be warm and balmy for us. We have been in the mid 30's for highs.

@ 3Beeze Homestead
Madge Bloom said…
Most people don't understand how cold 50 can be on the coast!

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