I am not going to post a beach photo today.   Here is your intermission.   Enjoy a little zen time with my chickens.


I always love our videos.
And your videos too!! Lmao. Stupid typos.
shadowlake2005 said…
I loved it. Very soothing.
At the end of my day, I can really use some great chicken-zen! THANKS!! :-)
Mark said…
I got nothing but a black screen...buts that's pretty zen.
Toby is gorgeous!! Very soothing video, thanks!
Nancy Claeys said…
I have been thinking of adding to our hens this year. Your video just pushed me over the edge. :)
A Quiet Corner said…
And I thought my Tai Chi classes give me energy!...:)JP
Nancy Claeys said…
Lovin' that rooster! Gorgeous color.

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