Scattered Oaks

San Luis Obispo County has oak trees scattered everywhere.   Lots and lots of oak trees.  I'm sure I've told you that before, possibly more than once.   But I am of the age that allows me to repeat myself without apologizing.   Anyway,  being someone who really likes the contrast of trees against a blue sky....I try to pull over as much as possible.   I was going through photos and found this one that I wanted to share with you.   I hope you are having a great week.   It's finally warm enough here during the day for pleasant horseback riding, even though the nights have been in the 20's.   Brrrrrr.   I've always called that freezing a$$ cold.


What a gorgeous blue sky and what a huge tree. Our sky here in Massachusetts was filled with falling snow today.
TexWisGirl said…
i love a good tree - and this is a great one. :)
Daryl said…
sweet the big tree holding the little tree's branch ... and i too am of that age .. i always say if i have told you this and you remember i did... god bless
missing moments said…
It's a good tree. And I agree....freezing a$$ cold!
shirley said…
Love the lines on that tree - gorgeous against that blue sky. I guess I didn't realize just how cold it was in CA! Looks warm in the photo, but I know how that winter sun can be deceiving!
it looks as though you are in a climate where the trees don't lose all their leaves in winter. lovely landscape shot!
Mark said…
I understand why you like the oak/sky combo. Beautiful shots.Gotta love oak trees, don't you?
An FYI for She Who Carries Camera. Did you know that oak tree leaves turn brown but do not fall from the tree until the spring buds appear? Yep. We are in Virginia and experience this every year... all naked trees throughout the winter except for the oak trees. They're stubborn.

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