The Guardians

I know some people despise Crows for their wily ways and general peskiness.   I find them a great deal of fun to have around.   Of course we don't have dozens of them, just a few, so I can forgive their bossiness and need for control.   They watch over the property and alert the other birds to intruders such as hawks.   They allow some birds to share the space, but have moments when they would prefer everyone clear out.   I enjoy their Crow sounds which are quite varied.   And unlike most of their cousins, the Magpies, they don't really mind if I take their photograph.   I think the Magpies are the gangbangers and the Crows are more lawful.   The Magpies try to intimidate the Crows with their numbers, but aren't very successful.   So mostly, they live in peace among our chickens while sharing the chicken feed and water buckets.   

Most mornings you can find one or more of them sitting on the poles, calling out to one another or barking warnings at intruders.   Now if only they would do something about the flying mice, aka sparrows.


Skilled at gaining an advantage, esp. deceitfully.
crafty - sly - artful - astute - tricky - canny - shrewd


TexWisGirl said…
i love their intelligence and their family units. they work together so well in alerting others to food opportunities and the like. :)
We like the crows. Also the noisy bluejays as both serve to warn us if evil is lurking in our yard. They do a good job and charge us nothing for their work. :)
Karen said…
I think they're beautiful.

A Quiet Corner said…
We have crows that visit the surrounding woods, but Moon doesn't like them in our trees!....:)JP
Lin said…
Oh, I like the matter what kind. I even like the squirrels at the feeder too--they don't bother me. I've got an opossum under my feeder right now...and I think he's getting annoyed at me turning on the light to look at him. :) I think they all have a purpose, don't they? Although some birds seem more useful than others.
Nancy Claeys said…
Living on a farm, you'd think we'd be over run with them, but I only see a handful over a year's time. I like them -- great shots Denise!
Daryl E said…
interesting sparrows are sweet, pigeons are winged rats/vermin
shadowlake2005 said…
Crows are fine, we even like starlings.
Snooks said…
I like the crows too. Our number were quite large a few years ago but have come down to small murder. We have two adults who are pair and have babies every year. It is always fun to watch them teach the babies.

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