Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Got No Time

My allergies were not around yesterday.   And that was a good thing because I had no time to be feeling poorly.   I had a busy day with just regular "stuff" I wanted to do, as well as having fun with the farrier and donkeys.    The "stuff" consisted of washing and changing sheets, vacuuming, going to Trader Joe's, going to the farm supply stores, going to the barn to work one of the horses,  and all the other daily routine things that need to be done.   I slept soundly last night for 9 hours.   Awesome, huh!

By the way, the dog in yesterday's post is not mine.   He was just hanging around the beach with his dad and having more fun than anyone.   

As I was walking back to my truck, I spotted this guy standing on the rocks.   I had no time to be setting up good shots because I knew he was probably paying close attention to all of us who were watching.   The shorebirds in this area are quite used to humans, but you never know when a shy one might get tired of being watched.   

I saw that he didn't go too far so I looked for him as I walked a little farther.   Sure enough, there he was hiding his shy self behind a rock.   He was probably thinking, "Dang, there's that lady with the camera again."


I'm slurping my morning coffee and it tastes so good.   But I have no time to write more in this post because I need to let the dogs out to run on the property and feed the donkey boys.   I just know it's going to be another good day.   I hope yours is too.


Lynne said...

Gorgeous pictures . . . VERY!

Lin said...


I had a heron visiting my pond a few summers ago---dang, I hated that bird. I think he ate my fish. :( I have a fake one now to scare them away. Maybe this is the one I scared away! :P

Comfypjs said...

So glad your feeling better! Great photos of the bird. I take it you and your sister are worlds apart regarding what you like and don't like. You are right in the mist of all sorts of animals and she is passing up a gorgeous house because of cows. hahaha! Same with me and my sisters :)

Daryl said...

sweet shots ... well captured ... hope the coffee was yum

Anonymous said...

Love those Great Blue! Stunning captures Denise.

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