So Much To Do at Morro Bay

I went to Morro Bay yesterday (yes, again) to enjoy the beautiful weather along with so many people who were each, individually, doing something to enjoy their Sunday.   The air was crystal clear, the surf was high, and even with quite a few cars in the parking areas, it never feels crowded.   This shows a few of the things to do at Morro Bay.   And this doesn't include actually being "in town" where there is typical "beach town" shopping and dining.   I am still going through my photos.   I have tried not to change the colors too much because it was really that pretty.   I post a few on Google+ and it seems to wash out the color a bit, so those I have enhanced for that site.   

It's Monday, I hope your week starts off well and you find some beauty to capture where you are.


A Quiet Corner said…
These are beautiful,,,absolutely beautiful!...:)JP
C-ingspots said…
Beautiful beach pictures! And I saw a little boy in shorts...not on our beaches, not yet. We're back to wet, cool and breezy. Our 2 weeks of almost spring was just a teasing of what's to come.
Comfypjs said…
I just might have to take a drive there and spend a few days. Beautiful photos!
Just the ocean view would be enough to entertain me.
Pam ;) said…
Morro Bay is a gorgeous place Denise- its easy to see why you return.
It remind me of the time we drove along the Pacific Coastline Hwy.

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