Chasing Donkeys

I cleaned the stalls and put the horses in so they don't overeat on the grass.   Then I thought I'd go ahead and get the donkeys in so their bellies don't get any fatter.   And here we go.   (Excuse the nose sniffling....being out in the grass does that to me and I don't know how to edit that out.)

A day in the life at Autumn Sky Ranch.


TexWisGirl said…
i watched about a minute and had to stop because of motion sickness. i can imagine how the rest went, though. :)
Love those two! Best friends and that's as it should be in the animal world... :)
Mark said…
I couldn't open your video, but I'm sure the problem is on my end.
shadowlake2005 said…
What thoroughly adorable little rascals.
Comfypjs said…
I have never seen a donkey do anything but stand still. They are fast little buggers!

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