Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's About Pink

Since I was on the subject of blossoms yesterday, and I woke up this morning to dreary skies and a little rain, I will keep the theme going.   Pink.   Who doesn't love pink?   The color and the artist.   All things pink, including this sweet little poem I found online.   Yes, pink rain would just be perfect.   I hope you find a little pink in your day today.


Pink rain
could make me happy today
and everywhere sprouting
pink wildflowers
peach and yellow ones
nourished by the sun.

Kay Bressner


She Who Carries Camera said...

OMG! Thanks for sharing that awesome performance!

Comfypjs said...

I do have to say I love seeing green rolling hills and the pink blossomed tree are pretty.
That performance by Pink puts other artists to shame. Madonna, JLo, Beyonce and Britney have nothing on her.

Nancy said...

Pink will always have a different connotation now after seeing this performance....Beautiful.

A Quiet Corner said...

A great performance from such a beautiful woman!...:)JP

Anonymous said...

It's really pretty in your area right now. We had snow last night so things have been a bit black and white and gray here and I am totally ready for some pink spring blossoms on our trees.

C-ingspots said...

Wow! That was a beautiful performance from Pink. I've always enjoyed her music, and it's nice to see her showing her feminine side a bit more. Your pictures are beautiful as always.

missing moments said...

So pretty there ... no buds here yet.

Tracey from Haiku.You.Do said...

Good to see trees blooming! Still not a hint of anything here yet. Love Pink and love that song!

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