Playing with Photos

PicMonkey is fun for playing with photos.   I just upgraded to their Royale plan which gives me access to more editing options for $33 a year.   I think that's a good deal, considering how many times I am certain I'll be playing with my photos.   I am also practicing with their Cloning tool which Beth was kind enough to show everyone how to use.   Thanks, Beth!   It does get easier as I practice more.

I've been having some concerns that my Auto Focus on my D7000 isn't working as it should 100% of the time.   It's a complex focus system and has many different settings.   I have been reading online at different forums about this being an issue for some.   I'm trying to sort out whether it's a camera issue or whether I've reset something incorrectly.   The last thing I want to do is send my camera in for repairs for "who knows how long" and be without it.   Has anyone else worked with their Auto Focus settings on this camera?

Our poppies are blooming on the hills.   This was a great subject for playing in PicMonkey, using different effects and adding sweet little butterflies.   This editing site is so very easy to use if you aren't able to buy something like Lightroom.   It also has some features that are easier to use than the ones LR offers.   

How are you doing with Daylight Savings Time?   I'm doing okay in the evenings, but the mornings are just too dark for me.   Here it is, almost 7:00AM, and it's still too dark to go out and tend to the animals.   I'm not liking it so much.   

I'm happy for those of you who have been suffering from a long Winter and are finally beginning to see signs of Spring.   I look forward to your pretty photos of flowers and green grass.   Have a nice Thursday!


TexWisGirl said…
cute little sparrows. i'm not adjusted to the time change, yet.
Your pictures are gorgeous! Love the birdies.
And I adore Picmonkey. I am on there almost every day. Even when I don't feel well, it is the one thing I usually feel like doing!

Thanks for being such a sweet friend on Facebook. I really appreciate all your comments and keeping up with me even though I have been slack in visiting you :)

xo, misha
I'm also a fan of PicMonkey and have the Royale plan that I need to play around with because I love what you did to the photo of the poppies.
Kathy Blackburn said…
That first shot is fantastic with the clarity of the bird popping out against the shallow depth of field :)
Nancy Claeys said…
Beautiful little crowned sparrows -- you are way ahead of us spring-wise.

Hope your camera is okay!
beth said…
do you have a camera shop/store near by? they are the best place to go to when camera issues they will let you know if it needs to be sent in. often, some issues can be fixed with a camera update. the camera store people can also do this for you....

OR, you can go into your camera and go back to the original default settings for everything and start all over you just bought it.

ps....yeah for picmonkey and you loving it :)
Daryl said…
i too have the upgraded pic monkey, i love that site ... i shoot in P all the time but occasionally on the D90 i would touch something and suddenly the focus woudnt work ... so far with the D7000 i have not encountered this .. can you do a reset to factory settings? that should clear any mis-set settings
Oh, I love that bird! What kind is it? So cute!
Lynne said…
Love your photos . . . I like to play around on PicMonkey occasionally but haven't upgraded . . . I like the poppies with the butterflies. I bet the field of poppies is a gorgeous site to see!
shirley said…
Hm, I had never heard of PicMonkey, but it sounds like fun! Lovely photos today, especially the second one.

As for the Autofocus on your camera. I find going to the user manual (as boring and tedious as it is) helps me. I hope you get it all straightened out!

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