Vineyard and Lightroom

I stopped yesterday after leaving the barn to take a few photos of a vineyard.   We have LOTS of vineyards in this area and I love watching them go through the seasons.   They change so much and have their own kind of beauty.   They are meticulously cared for in hopes of yielding a crop that will delight their owners and customers.   

Light changes so quickly when you're taking photos, especially on a cloudy day.   I decided to play around some with my Manual settings.   Some of it worked out, some not so much.   The photos that don't work out give me another opportunity to use Lightroom for adjustments.   It forces me to practice with some of the adjustments that I don't normally use.   While none of these are awesome shots, I just wanted to show you some of the things you can accomplish with this editing program.   I won't go through the details since it's only 6AM here and I couldn't possibly put that much thought into a post at this hour of the day.   If you have a photo you want to "fix up" a little, spend a little time and just play around with it.   You might come up with something you like.

I could mess around with these for another hour and still not turn a messed up shot into a good photo.   But you could take a pretty good photo and turn it into something you love.   If not Lightroom, then try another program's adjustments.   You have nothing to lose and may have fun learning something new.

I know, I am always praising Lightroom, but I really really like it.  That said, there are things it won't do for me.   So I am playing a bit with PicMonkey and I'm finding that a fun new tool for layers and adding text.   It's Spring, time to expand the horizons while I'm waiting for wildflowers.    

Be brave, be bold!   And have a good Thursday.

Above, as shot

Above, as edited

Above, as shot

Above, as edited


Daryl said…
second shot worked out well ..
Nancy said…
I agree with you 100%...I love Lightroom and the changes you can make to photographs....I have been able to download tons of presets and I love playing around to find just the look I want...Often I will use a texture in photoshop and then go into lightroom to further edit.....

I really like the changes you made in both of these photographs..
Mary Ann said…
The shots are lovely. I have used Lightroom in the past, and may look at it again!
Comfypjs said…
Have you ever thought of trying Erin Cobb's Clean Color? You have to purchase it but it is easy to use.
Gina Gao said…
These are really nice. I liked how you edit pictures!
Gone Country said…
I've been thinking about getting Lightroom. You've just about got me convinced, lol! I currently use Photoshop Elements and really like it but I think I'm ready to take the editing of my photos one step further.

Thanks for showing us the before's and after's! They turned out really good.
CountryDew said…
These are great. That darkening really makes a difference.
Your pictures are really good and remind me that I need to take the time to fiddle with the settings on my camera too. But we have a vineyard on our road, and I also enjoy seeing the changes through the growing season.
Mark said…
I'll have to check out lightroom, been hearing a lot about it. It sure works for you, they turned out really nice.

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