90s Inland, 60s Coast

I drove to Morro Bay twice over the past few days.   When it gets hot here, it's usually cool at the coast.   The fog generally burns off mid to late morning so you can choose your time of day for sunshine or fog.   We went yesterday morning to walk around for a while, then have a late breakfast/lunch at a nice restaurant named Dorn's.   We missed the Kite Festival because it was still setting up, but the parking lot was getting pretty full and we don't like big crowds.   On any normal day, Morro Bay is not crowded so it's a delightful spot for locals like us to enjoy a little salt air and cooler temps.

The Rock, shrouded in fog.

One of the peregrine falcons on the ledge of a hole.   There are two nesting pairs high up on The Rock, one on the north side and one on the south.   Can you see her?

These two paddlers struggled the entire time we were there.   They ended up too far left in the channel and fighting against the current as the tide came in.   Poor girl, I don't know if she ever made it out of her dilemma.

Setting up for the Kite Festival

I love succulents.   Each table on the patio at Dorn's has a different one in a planter.

I hope you enjoyed some relaxing time over the weekend.   And now it's Monday!!


Lynne said…
Love the rock shrouded in fog . . . I think I see one Falcon! Kite festivals are a fun outing here on our western Michigan shores. I prefer being at the beach thiugh when it is not crowded and perfectly happy seeing one or two kites and a few wind sailing. I find succulents fun to see but I don't have luck growing them. Happy week to you . . .
Thanks for posting the cool ocean pictures ........... weatherman says it is going to reach 100 this weekend inland. Looks like 8 months of summer ahead.
Daryl said…
love those fog shots
TexWisGirl said…
love the rock in the fog!
I am not lucky growing succulents here. They just prefer the western states I suppose, just like some people I know. LOL

Great shot of The Rock. Looks like you two had a nice time at the bay.

shirley said…
I love fog! It's nice to be able to escape the heat, especially at the Bay. I love your first photo - so misty and full of intrigue!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time there before the crowds came in full force.
Green Monkey said…
LOVE the fog shots! I also like your cover shot and I can't remember if I ever told you that.

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