Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little of This

Our Easter weekend was absolutely beautiful and everything that Easter should be, weather wise.   We were outside a lot and doing our usual chores with the animals and around the property.   Doing chores, for me, often includes my camera.   Well, maybe I had my camera while Erik was cleaning out the chicken coop and/or the donkey's paddock.   I was taking more and more photos of the pretty blossoms when I glanced up and saw a hummingbird in the lilac bush.   We almost NEVER see hummingbirds around here.   Of course I didn't have my camera set to capture the fast moving visitor but I quickly snapped a few photos anyway.   And then he was gone.   I wish he would come back and spend more time.

After a short while, I saw something fly from the pine tree up to the top of the pole.   And I saw a flash of red on this visitor.   Again, he stopped for a minute or two and then left.   But I captured one photo of him for identification purposes.   Judging from the long beak, I think it's an Acorn Woodpecker.   It's hard to tell, but the other woodpeckers I identified online, those with long beaks, live in Asia and India. I don't think he came that far.

Harry's little fluffy face that makes me smile.

Last year, a gopher (grrrrr) took out one of our young cherry trees and we weren't sure if the second one was going to survive.   We have two little blossoms on the tree and it makes us very happy.   We are hopeful this one will be okay and thriving by next year.

Our Saturday night sunset was really beautiful.   Fluffy clouds always make for a pretty sunset.

And Easter Sunday brought blue skies and fluffy white clouds all day long.

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday.   Beau and I have been taking some refresher lessons with my dressage trainer, so I look forward to that again today.   Errands and laundry and groceries and paying bills was all finished up yesterday, so I have a short list today.   


Karen said...

beautiful, refreshing pictures as always, Denise. It's still FREEZING here!!! Ugh!!..

Daryl said...

such beautiful photos .. i am drooling over your header shot

TexWisGirl said...

just beautiful. love that you caught both of those birds!

shirley said...

Looks like such a nice Easter weekend - full of cool sights. I really like your hummingbird shot - they are such beauties.
Enjoy your lesson the rest of your day!

Lynne said...

Like I said . . . great photographer you are! The Hummingbird . . . perfect!

She Who Carries Camera said...

great captures! the hummers might be migrating now, so get out your feeder (if you don't have one, get one!) and you might just be surprised by some more visitors!

Missy George said...

Beautiful pictures..Love the Hummingbird..Great shot

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