Just the Leaves

I love the shapes and beauty of leaves.   And I think the leaves on rose bushes are photo worthy, especially early in the morning when the rain has left a few drops behind.   Spring has sprung here and is starting to fade because of our severe lack of rainfall.   While many of you are waiting, still, for the snows to go away, our grasses are browning and the blossoms on the trees have done their job.   And the pollen from the trees and grasses has hit hard.   Achoo!!!    I would like to dial back about a month when there is a hope for rain on the leaves and Mother Nature has not yet released the pollens that keep me inside too much of the day.   We all have those perfect times of the year, the times that make us feel absolutely great when we step outside.   We have just moved beyond my time and into the next.   And there will be no more rain on the leaves until next year.   

The good news is, there's always the beach!!!!    Have a great Friday.


Barbara said…
These leaves are photo worthy indeed, beautiful how you've captured the drops.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Water on a leaf is always a good sign. Sorry about the pollen getting to you, I'm wondering what new plants around our new home are going to bother me... or not. As much as I loved the blossoming trees and bushes at our old house, I didn't like the sneezing fits they gave me, but I will miss seeing their beauty off that wonderful front porch. :(

Lynne said…
Beautiful Denise . . . I especially like the water drops . . .

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