Rural Thursday

I wish I had a real barn.   People in this area don't build real barns anymore.   Because of our relatively mild climate, we have mare motels, pole barns, and mostly pre-fab barns from companies like Castlebrook or MD.   And they are great because they are very low maintenance and flexible in terms of the design.   They just don't have the character of the old wood frame barns.   

My friend lives on a property that has been in her husband's family since he was a young boy.   One of the parcels has a very old barn which she still uses.   She had a contractor shore up the structure about five years ago because it was in danger of collapse.   She uses the barn for hay, a tack room, and other storage.   The horses live in the newer barn to the right in the photo.   My mare, Fancy, lives here with her BFF, Goldie.   They were two of my broodmares and Fancy was my riding horse.   The mares are now retired and live a pretty good life, although Fancy would tell you that she really needs a "man" around so she has someone to flirt with.

My friend is quite clever with her newfound building skills and made this cute little birdhouse to match her barnyard.   I really need to learn how to use the saw and add some touches to my place.   

I am adding this post to the Rurality Blog Hop today.    Enjoy your Thursday!

Rurality Blog Hop #11


Michelle said…
You have some great light in these photos.
I think a barn would look great on your property! Big or small. :)
Mary Ann said…
Oh my gosh, the birdhouse is just as cute as the barn, and how I wish we had one, too.
Beautiful! Love it! So glad we have a "real" barn...and hopefully in the next 10 years will have an even better one! xo
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful place!

i really need to get my barn door fixed and get the barn repainted - again. :)
Karen said…
Love your friends barnyard! and the horses even in retirement look beautiful.

Lynne said…
Cute little birdhouse matching that very nice red barn . . . Looks like a mighty fine location for your horses.
Lin said…
Aw, I love the birdhouse! I hope birdies don't move in and ruin it.

Gracie O'Tripp said…
Love your farm photos and that beautiful black horse.
missing moments said…
Great barn and love the horses curious looks.
Wonderful photography and love the barn and horse ~ ^_^

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