Saving for Next Year

I've never had so many lupines on the property.   We don't have a massive field of blue, but we have a few patches and individual plants scattered about.   It thrills me.   And I want them to spread in the coming years, if possible.   The grass on the property needs another mowing, which is tentatively on the schedule for today.   So yesterday I took many more photos of the lupines in case any of them don't survive the day.   And then we walked around last evening so I could let my handsome mowing guy know where to avoid, if possible.   Toby was very helpful with the photographs as he wandered through the grass looking for bugs for his ladies.   And for me.   He always offers his little treasures to me and I think that makes for a very nice rooster.


TexWisGirl said…
beautiful rooster boy!
Very pretty photos today and oh so colorful too! Have a great day!!
I'm not sure who took a better photo today, the lupine, which is lovely, or your rooster, who is pretty handsome! :-)
What a pal you have and that last shot is jaw-dropping gorgeous!!
What a pal you have and that last shot is jaw-dropping gorgeous!!
Lin said…
Oh, he is a handsome fella!
shirley said…
Beautiful photos Denise! The rooster is a hoot and very handsome. I love the one of his backside among the lupines.
Lynne said…
Love the Lupine . . . great photos. We have a few wide areas near us where the Lupine bloom witn passion. Short lived this flower is but when blooming, pure delight. I hope I can get some photos.
Comfypjs said…
Wow that is a very colorful rooster. I like him from afar very much but would be scared to death of him and the chickens if I was closer. The lupine are gorgeous!

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