Seasons Change

Our beautiful Spring with green grasses, wildflowers and blossoming trees seems to have passed.   With the serious lack of rainfall this season, the hillsides have already turned brown and crispy.  It looks like Summer and it's only April.   

Have you seen this documentary?   It has beautiful photography and a strong message about climate change.    People who scoff at the idea should take their heads out of the sand.

As we head into our next season, I can always find some beauty and relief at the coast.   Why don't you all stop by and we'll build a bonfire.   We can take photos and share stories.   And make s'mores or whatever we like.   We can't camp on the beach, but camping is highly overrated at my age anyway.   

Seasons are changing and so is our routine.   My sweetie works for a large corporation with offices in the Bay Area, near San Francisco.   He has had some ability to work remotely, but they are now all hands on deck.   That means he will be away more.   The dogs and I will miss him.   I'm not sure about the chickens, but I don't think their little brains can reach that far.   

Change is supposed to be a good thing.   Right?

Have a great Monday.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and now maybe you will have more time to build some incredible bonfires at the beach... *wink*

Mary Ann said…
I have never seen the ocean, Denise... can you believe that?

I am sorry your hills are browning so soon... just when it is finally greening up here nicely. We expect some rain tomorrow, in fact.
Comfypjs said…
I will be driving to Palm Desert next week and I'm so sad we haven't had enough rain because this means there will be very few wildflowers at Antelope Vally Poppy Reserve. :(
Jill akaSHE said…
That is sad that you have already lost all your color and it's only mid-April. I know our temps are increasingly getting more erratic and warmer overall.
Lin said…
Oh, you are losing your colors already? We are just starting to get ours. We had a drought last year and it was hard to see everything brown and dead for the entire summer. :( I hope you get lots of rain to bring it back.

(I like camping, believe it or not)
Mark said…
I'm heading your way with kindling.
Lynne said…
Camping falls into the "used to be" for me . . . I would sit by a glowing outdoor fire, for a visit and s'more though . . .

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