Windy Windy Windy

The wind blew here all day yesterday, starting the night before.   For me, wind is extremely exhausting.   Even when I'm not outside, I can hear it gusting and it wears on me.   It is one of nature's forces that we just can't do anything about.   I knew the surf would be up and decided to take an early afternoon drive to the coast.   Sheesh!   There was not a single person walking on the beach when I arrived and only one when I left.   I could barely get the door open against the wind and realized why everyone was just sitting in their vehicle.   When I got out, I was surprised at how much mist blasted me, even standing back so far from the water.   I immediately got so many spots on my filter, I didn't even try to clean these up too much because it would take hours.   The gulls were all grounded and only took off when I approached them.   I couldn't hold my camera steady enough for many photos so I went over to the south side of the Rock.   It was a bit more sheltered there and a few more people were out enjoying the day in their own ways.   I took a few photos of kite surfers and noticed a few surfers out by the rocks, but it really wasn't a fun day.   As I was walking back, an older surfer kinda guy asked me if I was taking photos of the surfers.   I told him I didn't really have enough lens to capture them out so far.   He suggested I could walk out on the rocks.   I said, I don't really do that.   Nice way to destroy my life or the life of my camera, Dude.

The wind and I, we just don't mix well.   Fortunately, this morning is very still.   I can breathe a sigh of relief.


Comfypjs said…
Good grief the photos of the ocean look like it was extremely violent out there. Good decision not to walk out on the rocks.
I wonder where your intense dislike of the wind comes from. I find wind refreshing along with the change in the weather it usually brings with it. Is it because of your allergies that you dislike it?

No... please do not go walking out on the rocks. Thank you.
TexWisGirl said…
very cool scenes! the wind is fierce even here in texas yesterday and today. heard the santa anas were up to 70 mph yesterday. yikes!
Nancy said…
As someone speaking from inside the very wind tunnel of the U.S. I can say I absolutely hate it. I know it's good for something but all it does here is tear everything to shreds. We are in the middle of putting up a wind block on the south side of our place to protect the garden. Even as I write this, we are expecting gusts of 45 tonight. Yikes! Kind of normal for this time of year.
And yes, definitely wise decision not to go out on the rocks. His advice is why so many guys get hurt and killed in stupid accidents. Just my humble opinion. ;)
shirley said…
Yeah, I hear you on the wind and how exhausting it is - we had ours on Saturday and I ran in it (was so worn out), then had to endure it again to watch a soccer game.
I'm glad you decided to stay safe and not venture out on the rocks! Your 4th shot with the seagulls is my favorite in this collection.
Hoping for calm days ahead!
CountryDew said…
I dislike the wind too. I enjoyed your comments about it, though.
Michelle said…
I dislike the wind as well. Always blowing up the wrong kind of stuff! Glad you didn't walk out onto the rocks. That surf looks wild!
Daryl said…
thank you for braving the elements, those are truly wonderful photos!
That is one violent ocean!! The only time I've seen a body of water like this was in England at the North Sea. It was kinda scary!

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