A Good Find

A couple weeks ago when we went to Morro Bay on a Sunday morning, we were walking from the restaurant to the truck when we spotted something that caught our eyes.   Sitting outside an antique shop on the corner, right across from the truck, was a very cool rocker that we both thought would be the answer to our search for a bench outside.   We'd looked at the home/garden centers and didn't find anything that had to come home with us.   So we knew right away this was it.   Several people were passing by and looking at this little gem.   Rather than go home and think about it, risking it being gone if we decided to buy, we made a quick decision and brought it home.   We need to find the exact spot for it and then just enjoy.   We are both tall and we fit in it comfortably together.   It was meant to be ours.   Cue the music!


I love it and am very jealous!

Its really lovely Denise..
A couple of cushions and a glass of wine and you are ready..
It reminds me of a peacock fan! very nice!
shirley said…
Cool loveseat - so nice you can sit in it together. It is a good find indeed!
Karen said…
It really is a beautiful pieced, LOVE the color and design.

A Quiet Corner said…
A little too fancy for my taste, but I can definitely see it in the right surroundings!...:)JP
Lin said…
Oooh, that is a cool rocker! Do the chickens use it too? ;)
Lynne said…
A GOOD FINE . . . indeed!
Nancy Claeys said…
Okay, so how much do you want for it! :)
Good score .... love it.

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