May Surprise

We had a very strange change in weather over the weekend.   Sunday was cloudy all day with exhausting blustery winds all day long.   I probably lost half a bale of hay because it would blow away before the horses could eat it.   The chickens hunkered under the redwood tree or other shelter almost all day.   And I was wearing a knitted hat to keep my hair from whipping around my face when I stepped outside.   Crazy May weather for us.   And last evening, a surprise sky before we had a light rain sometime during the night.   I went out to feed this morning and it smells soooo good.   Fresh rain on the dirt.   When you're rain starved, it's such a great smell.   Now I'm off to finish my coffee and catch up on your blogs.   Happy Monday!


Daryl said…
well hello you!
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful skies! love air cleaned by rain!
shirley said…
That is a cool looking sky!
I hear you on the winds being exhausting - it just saps all the energy out of you.
So glad to hear you received rain - that earthy smell is very nice.
Creepy but gorgeous sky. Rain always smells so nice. We are getting soaked this week. Starting to consider building an ark!
Great photos, had the severe winds Saturday night, blowing dust, lightninig off in the distance but no rain. Possible lightning and thunder showers next couple days, just won't be enough rain to do any good.
Cloudia said…
Oh I feel the relief! Your skies are so different than our oceanic ones:-)

Lin said…
I like the smell of rain on concrete after a hot summer day. The clouds are scary and I don't like wind very much--but I do enjoy a good rain. I hope it helped cool your place down a bit!

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