One Quiet Moment

Our Aussie is a busy girl.   She is always keeping track of everyone and everything.   Nothing gets past her as she is almost scary smart.   Herding dogs are like that.   They are born knowing more than many other dogs could possibly learn.   It can be exhausting at times.   There is the neighbor's white cat that skulks about at the back of our property.   There is the weekly garbage truck (make that TWO on recycle days) that tries to come into our turf and must be warned.   There is the herding of the donkeys up and down the fence when they are playing on the other side.   And poor Zach is herded way more than he can handle.   She is a pistol.   And we love her.   

Sometimes she is quiet.


She is soooo pretty, and I'll bet in her quiet moments she only thinking about what she can herd next. :)
TexWisGirl said…
so, so very smart!

my bb is border collie/rott mix. the shelter thought she was lab/rott. after i brought her home, saw that she had longer fur than i'd expect, noticed her doing the border collie skulk, i looked at her and said 'i didn't sign up for this!' she's one smart cookie - and a real instigator of trouble!
Teresa said…
So very pretty! I know what you mean about the smartness of a herding dog. We have a corgi and I swear he knows what we are going to do before we do! He certainly can not be tricked about what direction you are going to throw his ball. I think he has eyes in the back of his head, He can catch a toy coming straight down in front of his face as he his running in the opposite direction. (if that sentence made sense).
She's adorable. I love how the tips of her ears droop just slightly. :)
Lynne said…
Watching and waiting . . . observing . . . we should each be as wise . . .
Love the one tan paw . . . and one white . . . classy lady!

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