Red and Gold

Yes, they are the colors of the Forty Niners, but that's not the subject of this post.   With our drought conditions this year, I am still surprised when I see how crispy things are so early in the year.   When I walk out on the property, I can hear the crunching under my feet and see the cracks in the ground.   And with our sweet boy dog being golden himself, he can sometimes be hard to spot.
I haven't edited these at all.   The color looks that deep golden at the end of the day.

We also have a touch of red with our pomegranate tree.   I think it's an interesting tree because there always seem to be a few dead fruit hanging on while new blossoms and new fruit are growing at the same time.   The wind has been blowing and it's hard to get good closeups, but I give it my best when I'm out with the dogs in the evening.

I like the look of the chain link fence behind the tree in this photo.

It's been a quiet couple of weeks for us.   I'm thinking we need to barbecue over the weekend and enjoy our temperatures being in the 80's before summer hits us in the face.   If you are going somewhere over the long weekend, please be safe and have a good time.


TexWisGirl said…
i hate that you've got the drought this year.
We get crunchy under the feet at times during the summer months when we need a bit of rain and it just doesn't seem to come. With all the rain we are having this month I worry there won't be any left for July and August when the real heat sets in.

Have fun barbecuing... I have no idea what we will be up to over the week-end.. xox
shirley said…
One of my HS friends lived in CA for a bit and she stated the reason why it's called the Golden State is not because of the Gold from the Gold rush times, but because of the dried grass.
A pomegranate tree sounds very exotic! It is very cheery.
Missy George said…
Sorry for that crunch under your feet..Not a good sign..Love the picture in your header..Enjoy the weekend..
Karen said…
amazing how fast it goes from green to gold. Beautiful looking, but I'm sure disheartening for you.

I never complain about all the rain we're having--Like Diane I worry that it may not be here in July and I hope you get some before then!!
Michelle said…
That crunch is not good, but stay hopeful!
Magnificent skies Denise,
You are having a bad drought.. its happened here to us some years.. i hope we dont get it this summer.,
happy weekend
I have never seen a pomegranate tree and the brilliant orange/red makes for a great photo. Sorry to hear about your drought. if only I could send you some water from Northern Ireland, I would! Well I suppose that is why they say we have 40 shades of green. Have a great weekend. Margaret
Rebecca said…
I do not miss the California droughts!
Lynne said…
Dry and drought doesn't sound like much fun . . . The Pomengranate tree cheered me up though . . .

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