Thursday Wanderin'

I wasn't quite sure where I'd end up or what I'd find with my camera lens.   I just knew I was heading to the coast.

The tide was way out and Baywood looked like a mud flat.

The iceplant gave it a gorgeous pop of color.

The ornamental grasses were flowing like soft hair.

On to Morro Bay where I found a Great Blue Heron and several Snowy White Egrets fishing for their brunch.   I took many photos of them which I have to sort through, but I wanted to show you the clown feet.   They are usually wading and I rarely see their feet.   Aren't they cool?

Stopped at the avocado farm for a couple ripe ones.   Avocado trees are in abundance on this stretch of road.

There are lots of bees and abundant pollen for them to enjoy.  

The farm even has their own avocado flag.

It was a nice little journey on a hot day.   With today's temperatures heading toward 100, I may just do it again.   I hope you have a great Friday.


Lynne said…
Fresh Avocado . . . wonderful!
Loved your warm, sunny photos of your "journey out" day.
Mary Ann said…
I have never seen an ocean, so that shot was really something!

My husband was stationed in that area for a while, and traveled up and down the coast. He loved it.
TexWisGirl said…
iceplant! wow!!!! nice snowy shot, too!
Reena Walkling said…
Love that bumble bee!
Missy George said…
Too warm for me..Lovin these 60's and lo 70's..Great pics Denise
What a fun day--There's nothing like a day trip on a warm sunny day!! I had 'ice plants' when I lived in Alaska, they were one of my summertime favorites!!
Kerri said…
LOVE those feet!! and the flower is just Gorgeous!
Debbie said…
ooohhhh I do adore the ice plant, it's my color and I don't think I have ever seen one!!

Great images of your ride/trip!!
Brian King said…
Love the egret! We don't see them around here. The iceplant is gorgeous!
I'll take two avocados pretty please. Looks like you had a super nice drive... have been wanting to do one myself a bit closer to our Allegheny Mountains but life just keeps on getting in the way. Maybe today? Great photo of the feet by the way. Very clownish!

Daryl said…
late but here none the less .. love these shots .. ope you had a good weekend
Hartwood Roses said…
You have no idea how much I would love to have an avocado stand nearby. Not really an option in Virginia, sadly.

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