Tuesday Muse

I have always liked the outline of trees against the sky, the simplicity of a scene that can capture my eye.   I can always find another single oak tree against the sky that looks simply beautiful to me.   This is a photo I took a few months ago.   I thought I would try some changes in PicMonkey with their textures.   Of course it won't appeal to everyone, but I like how it turned out.   

Have a good Tuesday.   Our natural air conditioning moved in last night so it's going to be cooler than our few days of 100+ temperatures.   Can you say Ahhhhhhh?

Linking up with Nancy's Tuesday Muse.


A Quiet Corner said…
WOW! Never realized how warm it was out there! Glad the cooler temps moved in to give you and that tree a reprieve!...:)JP
Oh, the brick one is kind of neat! Glad you are having fun with Picmonkey!
TexWisGirl said…
glad the cooler temps came in for you! i love the natural tree.
Nancy Claeys said…
It was 100 here today. Hoping just a fluke -- fun photos today Denise. :)
C-ingspots said…
Wow! That's too hot for me. I'm more a 70's and low 80's kind of gal. Glad you got some cooling marine air to sweeten your days (and nights). I love trees against the sky too. Love the first one.
Lynne said…
I am a fan of the blue sky photo . . . but your header is the one I really, really like!

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